Hotel Frederiksted Tote Bag – Free Pattern

Hurry up November! We are over the moon with the new Hotel Frederiksted line and can’t wait for its arrival in stores this fall (probably early to mid November). If you have a few moments, take a peek at our video on the Hotel Frederiksted collection. It’s filled with amazing clothing, quilting and decor inspiration by a few special sewists and quilters in the Sis Boom Sisterhood.

We also wanted to show you this lovely patchwork tote bag and give you the Hotel Frederiksted Tote Bag Pattern for free. Finished size is 19 X 14 and it has lots of pockets. Great sewing tote or perfect bag while running errands.

Download and make one today with your favorite Sis Boom fabric. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We always love seeing what you create.

Tote-ally awesome

Ok, we couldn’t help it with the title– but you see what we did there, right?!

So, take a basic tote and cut out some cool geometric shapes. Here we imagined circles. Other ideas can include diamonds, rectangles, squares etc.. Here we’ve used Lucky Girl… SOON we will all be able to use Beauty Queen.. (we can’t wait a minute longer!)

Use a fabric glue or adhesive backing to tack these puppies onto a tote in a simple pattern. In minutes you can go from a basic tote… to a tote-ally awesome tote. Share you pics with us on facebook!