A Boho Sis Boom Picnic

It was quite the magical moment we had here with miss Sophie. Donning a Vanessa Top in Circa, amidst a sea of vintage quilts and chenille, Sis Boom word pillows and a plush Rosetta bag … there was only one thing missing.. the picnic dishes!


We searched high and low for some special, colorful dishes… and while the perfect ones would have been Sis Boom (wink wink), we found these fabulous Rosanna trinket dishes on Layla Grace. Ideal for some biscuits, jam, crackers and cheese. yum, yum, yum!


Listen up Laminators

Carla Crim making it pretty in the back yard..You don’t want to miss this.. You know Carla as the brains behind our patterns but she has a flair for the outdoors, loves to garden and have fun with her son outside.   So wouldn’t it be typical of her to dress up the outdoors too!!  We love you Carla and thanks for the quickie laminate tutorial.  You can find laminate  here .