Monarch Workshop

This past weekend I had the luxury of attending Monarch Workshop.  The workshop is run by an incredible group of women (including our very own Madeline) and aims to support “those who need a little push, those who are looking for a creative connection, and those who need inspiration to believe they can follow their dreams.”

The attendees were made up of a spectacular group of women whose occupations ranged from bloggers to therapists and real estate agents to artists.  The two day workshop consisted of non-stop activities (lessons, speakers, crafting) that catered to the mind, body and soul. It was FABULOUS.

Our fearless leader, Jennifer Paganelli, was a guest speaker and led the group in creating vision books.  The books were created by gluing inspiring cut outs (words, quotes, images) from magazines onto blank notebook pages.



There was yoga and lessons in make-up and skincare. We made our own dream catchers, ate delicious food (from the ladies at Whisk + Brush) and had a tutorial in all things confetti! Take a look below of more images from the incredibly talented Victoria Gloria:




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Jennifer, the GREAT

Hi Everyone- It’s Madeline here… being a bit sneaky. I wanted to hop on here and conjure up some serious love for our girl, Jennifer.

We all KNOW how amazing this woman is, but sometimes I really love to remind her… we all like to be reminded, don’t we?  Feel free to share a Jennifer moment or story in a comment below. After all, it is YOUR words and messages that fuel Jen every single day. She gets so fired up by your kindness, your inspiration, your projects and your friendship. This will send her over the moon 🙂

WE LOVE YOU JEN! xoxoxox


Girls World Out-takes

Maybe these will pursuade you if you have not yet purchased Girls World to get your craft on!!!!  We are in the business of selling books!!  forgive me if you get tired of the blasts, the facebook posts and all the twittering about Girls World but I am a woman on a mission and I want everyone to know about the inspiration that can come from these pages.  I love all of the spin- offs!! I love the inspiration, I love our flickr pool I go there everyday to see what you all are up too!! Let your mind go, build a business off of these pages.  That’s why I purchased books as a visual aid to where I was headed and the artists that help shape that direction.  Heck that’s why I buy magazines to see what’s relevant and how I can hone my craft to excite others. When I was at the Country Living Fair in Ohio and on the way to Atlanta’s Country Living Fair I see that there are thousands of folks who would never even see this book if it weren’t put in their path and I’m so grateful Jen of Earth Angels invited me to be a part of her tent.  Divine Destiny is all I’ll say.  Folks were drawn into Girls World they couldn’t pass by my table, they had to pick up the book, Girls it’s in our DNA , we like pretty!  And thanks to our Tester Tom Jordan and folks like Scott at Blue Nickel and of course the king Kaffe Fasset men are starting to embrace these colors also.  Ok so I digress but I cannot wait for Atlanta’s Fair a whole new population of people to get excited about Girls World and if I’m correct in our thinking we will be selling a whole lot of 1 yard cuts like we did in Ohio.  Fingers crossed.

I can not wait to meet all of you and hug every single one of you. Some of you may get to meet my mom and she is unabashed about hawking Girls World!!  My mom, and my sissy and my niece Sophie and her close friends and if it’s not too chilly they will be walking around in Sis Boom attire with special fliers.  Email me if you see them in Atlanta it may mean a fatquarter or two!!!!!

We love you guys you make the world spin oh yes and look at your brochure cause I may be put back on the main stage like Atlanta!!!!  Let’s do this. Come by the Earth Angels tent and meet all my new talented girlfriends and stay awhile!! Can’t wait to meet you! weez crazy about you!!!!!

Below are some out takes of our photo shoot day!!  Don’t forget Girls World Vibe is en-route to stores any day now for you to create these beauties always hoard because they go fast and check if you need more yardage.  They list the yardages available making it easy for you! Oh and I saw a coupon up in there so take advantage today..Just sayin!!

Photos by Tim Geaney

Love, Love, LOVE!

Valentine’s Day may have been yesterday, but considering we had declared the entirety of February as the month to LOVE, you’ll still be getting a lot of it in these parts! Love yourself, Love those around you, Love what you do… Basically, Love, Love, Love! Once we see how awesome it feels, we’ll just want to LOVE all  year round!

Below we have a handy little tool that will help you demonstrate how much you love those around you, and not just on Valentine’s Day. Download the PDF (By clicking on the image below), cut out & place little messages around as necessary!

Pop them in lunch boxes, post them on the bathroom mirror, tuck them in pockets… Find creative ways to tell your loved ones just how awesome they are.

pssst We so can’t take credit for the cuteness of this concept–  we were inspired & borrowed it from the lovely Kind Over Matter site … and then adapted it for our February month of love, and of course, Valentine’s Day! Thanks, Kind Over Matter for the awesome inspiration! Check out their sweet site full of feel good ideas!!!