SUPER FLY Sis Boom Room!

As soon as those Super Fly bolts rolled in all we could think about was… CURTAINS!!!!! The scale is amazing, the color combinations are DELISH, and the style.. SO MOD! GOSH we’re IN LOVE! The next thing we HAD to do was pair this kick-butt line with one of our pillows! Hotel Soho, it is! Eye Candy!

It was not easy to choose a bold Zebra from the line, but we went with the orange, as that poppy orange / red color is SO in right now. It’s SO refreshing and energizing! You could toss that orange zebra in there and make some of your own pillows, or upholster a side table. Go Crazy! In this Sis Boom Room Daydream we went a little wild $$ … a girl can dream!

This is not to say that Super Fly is not also magnificent as a maxi dress (you’ll see!), and for a million other projects.. but the curtains just had to be done! A line that can be used for home dec and clothing.. only Sis Boom 🙂


1. Superfly Curtains JP056 Green | JANE

2. Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Soho Pillow in Black collection includes 3 colorways $110.00

3. Sis Boom Super Fly Fabric Swatch JP057 Orange | LAURALEE

4. Jennifer Delonge Parker Child Chair $699.00

5. Herman Miller ® Eames ® Molded Plywood Coffee Table $949.00

6. IKEA tea light holder $1.99