Sis Boom Kiddo

We stumbled upon this most magical nursery on One Claire Day. Every last little detail is breathtaking and heartfelt. Talk about turning a dream into a reality. We went looking for a place for our new Ibiza rug to reside, and this was clearly it…

With a bit of spunk and character amidst a sea of mini-bohemia, this Ibiza piece would make a vibrant, fun statement. The Ibiza line (rug and pillows in two colorways), is our homage to the bold, playful flowers of Marimekko. With colorways and patterning that apply to the decor of baby through adult, Ibiza is our new fave…

We can just imagine the little feet prancing around. We can hear the giggle of a chubby cheeked, little, pigtailed kiddo, as she runs around playing hide and seek. What a lucky little girl!

1. Assorted color coat hangers, 2. Tullia childrens apron, 3. Picnic set, 4. Sis Boom Rug, 5. toy trunk





Prettiest Apron

Here it is our reversible apron in Happy Home!!!  Stephanie Basden sent this in and we are thrilled with her fabric choice!!  love the sash and the adornment she put at the bottom..Perfection.!!  Masterful!! Stephanie thanks for sharing your work with us and that it was such a hit with the college bound kids!!! It matters. At Sis Boom we want to be relevant so when the kids like us we are onto something. So thanks Pretty lady for doing the prettiest aprn in Happy home so well!!

My Sissy’s BFF

Lisa is special, the kind of girl you would love to know.  I remember meeting her for the first time , beautiful, striking and the kind of smile that swallows you whole and makes you feel like you belong.  I love her because she loves my sissy and brings her and her daughter Sophie the most immense selfless love. What I love most about her lately is that she stepped into a passion that she had held off on for so many years.  When I saw this I knew she was destined for great things.  Maybe not overnight and maybe not next week but a small smoldering fire was ignited and as artists we all know that we can’t put it out we have to come clean and honor it or we feel like a sell out of some kind.  Lisa I wish you tenderness as you make peace with this conflict and somehow find the balance. Reach back in time to Grandma’s love and embrace those memories. Read her story here.

Lisa Love