Carla Crim Debut

Have you heard?!??! Carla Hegeman Crim just came out with a book!! It’s called Sewn Hats, and it features a vast array of different types of hats suitable for all ages… and they are all sewn! It’s really awesome.

We are so honored to see Sis Boom fabrics throughout the book, and to have been featured among a set of wonderful and talented artists. We LOVE our Heloise Floral Hat SO much!!!

For those of you who love and have asked about the vintage hats that appeared throughout Girl’s World book, now you can design your very own alongside Carla’s beautiful instructions and illustrations!

Ok so I wrote this awhile ago but am republishing for a giveaway..I took my Handy Dandy Book to the Ohio Columbus Fair and made quite the hit!!! Carla’s debut is so hot can’t keep it on the shelves.  So leave a comment today to win your copy!!

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