Beauty Distilled

The curtains are up and I can’t wait to show you how Super Fly creates the most modern of Interiors.  Just love it.  Thought I’d post a Pouf and a Meghan Peasant to inspire you!!  Those circles are just card stock sandwiched together on clear jewelry thread.  How cool is that..Thanks to Lauren Cody our fab intern this summer who makes all things beautiful.  I miss her.  So here is beautiful Kate in her chunky zebra enjoying the porch breeze and the sweet one below her is Lauren !!  Have a great day..I am hand sewing for things to come. xo

Happy Home Photos are Rolling in! Send Yours!

Don’t forget to submit your photo! We’re on Week 2, so that would be your favorite use of color in your home... Simply snap a shot and email it to us here OR tweet it at us @SisBoom using #HappyHome. Have Fun


Are you sitting down???

I swear it won’t be long and I just wanted you to think velvet ribbon, pops of color, lots of intrigue!!!  These are also from Crazy Love and they are fabulous.  Tipping our hat to Simone Howell of Brooch the Subject we wanted to give you combos that make you squeal with delight!! Preview the line in Fabrics and order today cause I have a very good feeling that we may have to reorder this line!!!  Order from Freespirit!!! They are taking orders now!!!

Crazy for Crazy Love

Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!!  just felt like saying that.  Will you look at what Miss Lynn Harris of The Little Red Hen has come up with for Crazy Love??? Again not to tease or inflict longing in your hearts just preparing you for what’s to come.  All the women I highlight here are willing to share their expertise and can give you directions on how to complete these quilts.  4 talented quilters were given the opportunity to express themselves with Crazy Love and I promise you they will not disappoint!!  Lynn Harris has shown us how to work in solids to calm some of these loud coloration’s!!  I think it’s genius!  Last time I showed you Monique’s wonderful quilt appearing here again to jog your memory.