Craftsy Hollaback

ok guys for years you’ve been asking for pre-cuts and now finally I get to offer them to you through your favorite destination for all things Sis Boom.  We just saw that the 1/2 yards of Super Fly are back!!! They’ve also got Sis Boom Design rolls and charm packs and fatquarters, oh my!!! And they’re on sale … It doesn’t get any better.  Listen I would cut them if I could but someone has to walk George…..and pet Charlie Kitty.  Craftsy thanks for stepping up and making it easy on the Sis Boomers we are so grateful.  So get out there… craft , create, make Quilts and charm pack accessories. and lets give Craftsy a humble I always say #someonehastocutallthat  And for you crochet folks and yarn people they got it coming at you in all ways.  See the quilts below for some inspiration..Now get going and be the first.

Marsha Moore using Girls World Vibe


Elaine Schmidt using Girls World Vibe


West Indies Crazy Sew



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  1. Tami Smith says:

    Blogs & Facebook + $$ It worked in my case! I couldn’t resist the JP Super Fly deal you had on craftsy. Even though I have a FQ of that exact same bundle (haven’t made anything w/it yet) I HAD to buy the 1/2 yard bundle too. I LOVE these prints.

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