Queen Street Rocks On

Queen Street is getting harder to find folks so please share some links in the comments section if you have any luck finding.  I’ve been getting so many emails and inquiries from around the world and I am so grateful you love the Sis Boom aesthetic.  Nothing feels better than when you all tell me Sis Boom fabrics make you want to sew!!!!

So along comes this sweet girl Natalie Scotts Hearn from Peaches and Brown Sugar Designs!!  I love what she shared on facebook.

Natalie welcome to the Sis Boom family all hoarders welcome!!!!  You made me smile big and your work is amazing.  Keep up the enthusiasm and laugh often!!

FYI Google search brings up lots of places that still have Queen Street.

oooohhh also a raffle. Please enter to win Happy Home. It’s a definite possibility you could win this time.  Mom always says be in it to win it..  Leave a comment at Craft Foxes now!!  or try this link and watch the Downy video again. xo  You will love Craft Foxes!!


3 Responses to “Queen Street Rocks On”

  1. Susan Bates says:

    I found some Queen Street in the Etsy shop below at a fabulous price. http://www.etsy.com/shop/clotheslinefabrics?utm_source=convo&utm_medium=trans_email&utm_campaign=convo_html

    I am proud to say I have been hoarding your fabric as well.

  2. Rachaeldaisy says:

    I agree it’s best to stock up on Sis Boom. All the ranges work together so well that you need some of the older ones to use with the new releases. I just watched the video. It’s so wonderful!! All those beautiful fabrics, seeing Jennifer create and her beautiful smile, and so lovely to see Madeline as well.

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