The Romance of Circa

Coming this May and I can tell by the facebook followers and likes that this is a moment you have all been waiting for.  Do you know how happy this makes me???  There is no one like you.  I mean it!!!  The Pretty Please votes will be reviewed next week so please keep them coming keep sharing and to tell you the truth I am feeling good about this !!  Say your prayers.  I love January!!  I am cleaning and organizing and designing to make 2013 the best yet!! Look at this beautiful graphic Madeline created!! Thanks sweet girl!

If this makes you happy then we will be lifetime friends!!!  Imagine your home with these fabrics by following the projects in Happy Home!  This book and Circa equals tons of Romance.  I’m in the mood for love!!

Freespirit celebrates Happy Land!

It’s just so exciting around here.  Everything is coming up roses.  Literally!!  Happy Land will make you smile and conjure up endless ideas of Happy possibilities.  Freespirit Fabric has all your favorite designers and they just started a facebook page so please go and like them.  Tell them I sent you. Sign up for the giveaway!  This is your forum to discuss things with Freespirit.  Do you want Sis Boom Fabrics in the UK???   Tell them here!  Tell them if you want Loopy Vintage Floral , this is the place to get your voice heard.  They are kicking off their Facebook Launch with a giveaway so get over there and win some fabric and a copy of Happy Home.  I’m talking generous one yard cuts..Get your hustle on..   Thanks Freespirit for making Happy Land a special Debut.  Goes so well with Happy Home and the lifestyle sensibility you all have grown to love.  Kick butt leave a comment over there. I’m rooting for you.

PS you’ll have another chance to see the Downy video. We all know how much you want to see that..xoxoxo


You could fly to the West Indies

or buy it online..let me tell you either way you’ll be so happy you did!!!  See all of our sellers on our blog like Marie Madeline Studio!! if you are looking for large quantities try so much lushness in one pile!!!  We are grateful to all of our sellers and if you have never been highlighted as a seller speak up cause we want to help!!!!! It’s kinda what we are about!!!