Happy Home Crochet Pillowcases

Jenny from the Sis Boom Block has put together a tutorial for the pillowcases done with simple trims!!  Jenny these are fabulous!!  Jenny is a Sis Boom Cheerleader ever hosting all of our links with her positive greetings to all the new comers. Many of you have come through the doors of Sew Pretty Dresses and we are so grateful to Jenny for her effervescent smiles and welcomes.  You can just feel the warmth.  So check out the art, how fabulous is that??? Seriously!!!  We adore you Miss Jenny for keeping the neighborhood (our community) smitten with Sis Boom.


3 Responses to “Happy Home Crochet Pillowcases”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Framed chunky zebra…it makes the room. Way to go Jenny!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Ohhh thank you Jennifer Thank you!!! I just love those pillowcases in Happy Home! Several years ago I was inspired to make the VERY SAME pillowcases! Just about DIED when I saw it in the book! Just wish my ‘skills’ were up to snuff! Haha! It’s all good though, found a workaround! Had to share!

  3. Jenny is amazing I just love all she does!!

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