Monique makes Lucky Girl Shine!

Monique, you sure are FUN and we adore you and your creations. We’re talking about Monique from Sew Fun by Monique, that is 🙂 We’re sure you all know her by now.

Monique – you knocked this quilt out of the park, bringing Lucky Girl to sparkly, shiny, happy life. We LOVE the pop of navy scattered throughout — it’s perfectly balanced! Those soft whimsy flourishes hint back to Circa, but Lucky Girl is all about new, fresh, big bold florals and energetic ditty prints… Lucky Girl shouts out whimsy and wonder with a vibrant and happy vibe!


Coming March CRAZY LOVE

Sew Fun by Monique has created the first of four Crazy Love Quilts.  This is not meant to be a tease but rather to excite you for the Holidays cause when the dust settles and the kids go back to school and the winter days string end to end there is hope Hope for beautiful things made with Crazy Love.  I might even go out on a limb and say this could be my favorite yet but I don’t want to bias you in any way so forget I said that :).  Monique is into Crazy Love and is so excited that I would actually want this quilt so weez gonna trade for fabric!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?? I have to have this!!!!!!  So bohemian so ultra fantastic.. Monique you rock the Casbah!!!!  I always say that..Three more artists will be presenting their take on Crazy Love so we’ll have three more posts to entice you so please stay close.  I think you will be very very please by my choices!!!! I love the enthusiasm it sparks.  Read what Katy Jones has to say about Crazy Love and the exquisite photo she took in front of her cool wallpaper.

Nighty Night

Thought I’d leave with this sweet thought to tuck those kiddos in and no giggles of any kind.  When they were little I would lay on the floor next to their bed and reach up with a puppet to say their prayers and be silly.  That’s the one time that I wasn’t racing around and they loved to get in bed for the puppet show.  So this evening sentiment brought to you by our girl Monique. Her bed made me wistful for the simplicity of our puppet shows.

Now they’re in college and I’ve been told to not show up with any puppets.

Thanks Monique for the beauty that grabs our Attention.

A Plethora of Pillows!

Sew Fun By Monique created this beautiful collection of pillows as a special order. We peeped it on Flickr and couldn’t take our eyes off them!

The bold collection ranges from current collections to those from years past, with a common denominator of pink pom poms. So good! Nice Job, Monique! Read more about Monique’s project here.

I Wish My Craft Room Looked Like This!…

This one gets filed under the “I Wish” category… I don’t know about all of you.. but the craft room here is not the most organized or neatest place in the house..

Let’s just say it’s hard to get around in there.. and even harder to get out without being covered in glue, glitter, or having thread tangled in your hair (ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration… just trying to make the story interesting!)…

Anyone wanna come organize it for me? huh?

Let’s all admire Sew Fun By Monique’s beautiful sewing area and scrappy message board. sigh. Must be nice, Monique!

A Lucky Baby

Whose lucky baby will be wrapped in this goodness? The combination of blues tug at our heartstrings, and the the splashes of cocoa add a lusciousness that is the most yummy eye candy we could imagine! Eh-hem.. did you all see the back? This baby is going to be wrapped in straight up luxurious Sis Boom. Sew Fun by Monique, you are just the cat’s meow!

32×32 started out with Velentina in cocoa, Matilda in blue, Chandler in cocoa and Marie in blue from West Indies. Other coordinates from Honey Child, Queen Street and Flower Power.

A Special Moment Brought to you by Sew Fun By Monique!

Sew Fun By Moniqueyou warm our Sis Boom hearts.

This baby blanket is such a breath of fresh air and certainly fits its title– tropical punch! You make our Honey Child look so, so good! What a special moment for us to be all cuddled up next to darling Anna Maria Horner, Erin McMorris & Amy Butler. We’re loving it!

Photo Borrowed from SewFunByMonique's Flickr Stream