Leighanna with Pom Poms!!

Pom Poms are the bomb!!!!!!  We couldn’t resist designing a simple dress whose adornment is the beauty and spark of the pom pom!!!!  Like most folks I see a pom pom and I want to own whatever it is with those precious baubles. Judy captured the heart of the pom pom when she paired it with this wonderful fresh geometric Poodle Marnie in Fuchscia!!!!! Fashionable Fabrics has it in stock!!  The orange pom poms set it off so nicely!!  and oh so Palm Beach!!  Judy Buchanan does it so well that even the babies are happy with this selection!!!  It helps to have Georgia at Georgia Handy photography. Happy New Year to the tribe at Hickity Pickity for the New Years eve slam dunk!!! So download the pattern today..

6 Responses to “Leighanna with Pom Poms!!”

  1. Thank you Jennifer for all the beauty this year and all the love!!! We feel it all the way down here and love you so much!!! This pattern is a must have and every baby and girl and mommy should wear this dress, I know I plan on it!!xoxo

  2. Terrie says:

    love, love, love. The pom poms are perfect!

  3. Melissa P says:

    A great simple pattern but with oh so much style! Judy really gets the vibe across with the fabric and color choices. As always! Sis Boom and Hickity-Pickity make for spectacular outfits.

  4. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Look at that gorgeous smile!! And I can see why she is smiling! What a gorgeous dress! Poodle and Pom poms, a match made in heaven. Wishing you the happiest New Year!!

  5. Linda L says:

    So cute!! Where do you get washable pom pom trim?

  6. jenny fish says:

    I knew Judy would turn this into something absolutely darling! This is going to be my spring pattern. I just love love love it!

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