Happy Halloween!!! Great Tutorial roundup!

We just love holidays because it always gives us a great excuse to look around for fun & inspiring tutorials. Here are a handful of tutorials that we loved this year and hope you will too! Thanks to all of the blogs for posting and sharing your special ideas! We loved them!

To view the tutorial, click on the image below!

We love crafting with paper! We love the simplicity and modern aspect of this project!

How fun is this! Imagine the possibilities.. maybe even throw some Sis Boom in there.. jus saying!

LOVE that decorating a pumpkin doesn't always mean carving a pumpkin. Let the glitter fly!

Hello Glue Gun how are ya?!

This may take some time and leave you with sticky fingers, but we're loving the pattern created by the candy corn!

the power of a sharpie!! this one is great for the last minute gang! LOVE!

The little guys will love this one!

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