Look at this lucky girl… She’s got a sweet fuzzy pouf embellishing her pretty little bun! It almost couldn’t get better.. but then it did! We imagined her in a little dress made with Jennifer Paganelli’s Lucky Girl. Sweet and dainty meets fun and fluffy. Perfecto.

Her dress? Perhaps a long maxi dress.. or a little party dress.. Our fabric choices? Maggie, Marcella and Nicki from Lucky Girl. toss in a Rosetta bag and voila. Officially the luckiest gal in the world!


1. Lucky Girl JP81 Yellow | Maggie

2. Lucky Girl JP78 Deep Plum | Marcella

3. Lucky Girl JP80 Pink | Nicki

4. ban.do Flurry Pouf

It’s a Sis Boom SUMMER!!

Happy Summer! It’s hard to believe that it’s already July … Before we know it, October will be here!… What?! Why would we mention October?!… Well, we have some really fun pillows coming out mid-October… the Barcelona Collection!! With a little love from fab.com gardening tools, a sweet IKEA outdoor chair, a tall glass of crisp lemonade.. and, last but not least, a Sis Boom Rosetta bag, don’t you want to get in on this?!

We LOVE these pillows for the Summer, but they will also translate beautifully to an Autumn setting. We couldn’t wait until then to share them with you, so we had to get creative and show you what we were thinking on this hot Summer night. Now, imagine those same pillows with a cozy throw on a fluffy white couch?! Carved pumpkins on the stoop, apple pie on the table… Sis Boom says that Autumn can be greens, oranges, blues and pinks.. it doesn’t have to be all about orange and brown.. not for us!

Ok, enough about October! Just enjoy these as eye candy right now, and we will be sure to let you know when they are available on the market. Have a fabulous Summer night!


My friend Lady Jane

Remember when are moms all called us Lady Jane??  Well when Sue ad I became friends on twitter one day I just said hey Lady Jane and she remembered when she was called Lady Jane. So we’ve had a sweet connection ever since and now I get to preview all her amazing talents with Sis boom fabric and it’s always unbelievably fun to watch her create.

Just look at the mommy and me Rosetta bags she created with Girls World Vibe ! Oh we are loving those those sweet rosettes !!  I love to share Sis Boom friends  photos because it’s always inspiring to me and to our readers.  I love how she paired the Girls World Vibe fabrics. Just for reference there is even one size larger in the Rosetta bag.  So thank you to  Sue from Antique Basket for the double ruffle whimsy. Sue has a great etsy store too!!

Roll out the Red Carpet for Rosetta!

We were lucky enough to have Katie home for a few days last week… so what did we do? We scooped her up and made her model some Sis Boom goodies… specifically the Rosetta bag!!!

Did you know there are actually 3 size options? Mini (S), Purse (M) and Tote (L)- all of which come with the pattern PDF! Also, there are three options for edge finishing (overlocked, narrow hemmed, and double thickness ruffles), so don’t worry if you don’t have a serger!

The Rosetta bag is currently our only (and most favorite) PDF bag pattern. We have seen our Sis Boom friends mix it up like none other!

The options are limitless and it is a very versatile shape and design that appeals to little girls and moms alike. I bet you could even talk your college gal into carrying her books in one of these beauties!

It’s a Flickr Sunday!!

There’s nothing better than surfing through the Sis Boom flickr Group and seeing all of your happy faces and beautiful designs. Let’s consider this a Flickr Sunday! Get over to Flickr  and add any of your Sis Boom projects to our photo stream! Don’t be shy!!! Here are a few sweet images we borrowed to share with you all!… A baby Marissa Dress (which we already posted on our Facebook, but had to share again!) and a Rosetta bag! You are all the best!!!! xo

Photo borrowed from Sew Retro Chic

Photo borrowed from custommerrilykids