Thank You, Utah!!!

Wow! What a fantastic week we had in Utah for Quilt Market!!

A HUGE thank you to every single person reading this, every single person who came to visit us, every single new person we had the pleasure of meeting– for each of you plays such an intricate roll in what we do, and for you all we are eternally grateful!

A heartfelt thank you to Free Spirit Fabric for accommodating us so beautifully. We’re very proud to be a part of the fabulous Free Spirit Team!

Getting ready for our Girl's World book signing!

We received such wonderful feedback on Girl’s World. We already we knew how magical it was and how in love we were with the beautiful project, but what a treat to hear it from so many dedicated, talented, supportive people. Thank You!

We love you with all our heart!!

behind the scenes of a signing... You never know what you're gonna get!...

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without these Amazing Folks…

As Jen heads back from LA after having taped a wonderful sewing tutorial with the awesome Judy Norman of Rick Rack, and the fabulous Dolin O’shea of Girl’s World, we want to take a very special moment to extend a Big, Huge, Heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the amazing, wonderful, supportive sponsors below.

We LOVE everything you have helped us accomplish and we so appreciate your time and efforts! Thank you for making it possible for this very special event to take place! … Now it’s time for all of YOU out there to enjoy it! Hurry up, as registration ends in just a few days! To learn more about the Rick Rack Sewing tutorial for Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress, which you can all access from home, click HERE! (psssst- included in the purchase price for the class is your very own Copy of Girl’s World!) Sweet, right?!

Kindle Case in Honey Child!

Who has a Kindle? They’re really amazing… and imagine how much cuter yours would be with a sweet little Sis Boom carrying case?! Right?!

Check out this fabulous tutorial on Free Spirit’s Blog by our lovely friend Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars! You’ll fall in love!