We Couldn’t Have Done it Without these Amazing Folks…

As Jen heads back from LA after having taped a wonderful sewing tutorial with the awesome Judy Norman of Rick Rack, and the fabulous Dolin O’shea of Girl’s World, we want to take a very special moment to extend a Big, Huge, Heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the amazing, wonderful, supportive sponsors below.

We LOVE everything you have helped us accomplish and we so appreciate your time and efforts! Thank you for making it possible for this very special event to take place! … Now it’s time for all of YOU out there to enjoy it! Hurry up, as registration ends in just a few days! To learn more about the Rick Rack Sewing tutorial for Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress, which you can all access from home, click HERE! (psssst- included in the purchase price for the class is your very own Copy of Girl’s World!) Sweet, right?!

Jamie & Marissa! The New Girls in Town!

Say hello to the Jamie dress and its pint sized version, the Marissa Dress!

Hop on over to You Can Make This to purchase your download-able patterns!

This fabulous duo is the perfect example of a versatile dress. From heels and a shrug to riding boots and a cardigan, Jamie and Marissa can go from a fancy brunch to a casual stroll in the park! Pop some tights on with a cardigan if it’s chilly out, or slip on some flip-flops when it’s time to wear this beauty over the Summer. To add some glitz and glamor, add a large broach to the waist area. Viola!!

Aren’t you in love!?