Thank You Columbus!!!

Thank you Columbus for your big welcome to Sis Boom and the lovely Earth Angels.  We can never thank you enough!!  The Country Living Fair is near and dear to our hearts and you always make us feel so good.  I get to travel with the most impressive group of women in the craft world and Jen O’Conner is amazing at discovering great talent.  We are there the whole weekend except maybe for bathroom breaks so I am so dang tired but will look forward to next year because it’s so much fun.  We taught a bunch of simple crafts and you guys were so thirsty for some new projects.  So I’m kicking back today celebrating all of you and grateful you all are loving Happy Home.  Also a salute to my comrades at Folk Magazine for helping load the truck at the end of the day.. Helloooooo???? Can we get some handlers for next year????? I’m so sore!!  Give me a few days!!! xoxoxo

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