When my sister Shana was little she used to say book-a-poc for pocketbook and neckalis for necklace but it was the way  that she needed those things and she needed them now.  That’s what little girls are made of.   So when I see a picture like the one below it really gets me giggling because my own daughter had her purse and very important things inside.  My Stop and Shop receipts, plastic cell phone and bubblegum and a jar of bubbles.  Cause you never know you might need them.  It is one of the remarkable moments in a mother’s life when she sees her child own it!  It’s fascinating to watch  and when they pull out the phone to answer a call in the car well that just makes us love being a parent and watching the amazing unfolding of childhood to adulthood.  So when I see a child with her purse I can’t resist I want to know what’s inside and how she sees the world, what she needs to be like mommy and how matter of fact they speak when you want to know the contents of their book-a-poc.  So this was on my facebook and I had to share. Note the heels.

Thanks to Sweeter than Cupcakes for the pretty frock made with our very own Poodle Fabrics Purchase them here..Quilt Home

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