Jenny Jenny Jenny!!!!!!!!

I am so loving all of your postings, I am addicted to your creativity!  Everything is so delicious!!! I love your designs they get me going everyday!!!!! Take a look at the latest discoveries on facebook. Thanks for sharing. That Jenny Eliza has made it across the world thanks to the lovely ladies in The fabulous JP’s Jenny Eliza overseas shipping group of happy seamstresses!! The Australians are covering their part of the world with Jenny Eliza. Just so you know I appreciate all of you!!

bridgeprint billduncan buckdeer bellboat bernstein

PDF Patterns are the bomb!!!


Check out this new pattern from Jen Hagadorn  of Tie Dye Diva Fame. Teresa Abel Martin does amazing things with our fabrics and we are so delighted she chose Beauty Queen for this ultra Party dress!!  Follow this link to purchase!!  Google Jennifer Paganelli Beauty Queen and lots of sellers pop up!!

George the pup

Kristy Smith from Hopeful Threads is having a grand time with her Girls World pups, using Happy Land she is creating the most sweetest of pooches. Thanks for sharing them with us Kristy..we are so crazy about you. Visit her shop here.  Thanks Kristy for sharing our book Girls World with your readers, means the world to us!!!!!

By the way make sure to hoard all the Happy Land you love as we make way for Circa!!!!! xo



Here they come

Super Fly is getting it’s due.  Just to fuel your imagination we borrow from Judy B. at Hickity Pickity.  She used the Super Fly collection to create the beautiful Lucy Halter !!! Go Judy!

Up Next Kristy a wonderful new fan we can’t get enough of Kristy from Hopeful Threads  created the lamp from Girls World !  Great job Kristy hope you never stop creating these lamps!!!

Then Alyson Ray from Brick and Mortar Thread store in Alabama, is just tickled with her customers.  She’s almost sold out of Pink Zebra Super fly!! Holla!!!!

Add to the mix the girl that steals my heart ( Sally Keller) time and time again with her sweet ways has contributed her blog love on the Jenny blog love Train.   Apron found in Happy Home!




A peek Inside

Get Girls World Get Inspired. It’s that simple!!!!  A patchwork memo board!!  We have never seen one before now and Inside Girls World are the instructions to make this beauty!!  The girls in the bedroom are looking so dreamy but it’s the wonderful bedding and richness of the Sis Boom Fabrics that create this happy place.  Show us your Girls World, we know you can make it happen. Just start, don’t be intimidated , they are simple projects that can make a pretty difference.  The most important thing is that you try!! I also want to say that it is incredible value because if you were to purchase four patterns it would be $40.00 dollars off the bat and on amazon they are selling for about $22.00 with shipping.  The point I’m making is you will not regret the price.  Also stock up for Christmas because crafters and sewers alike are discovering the projects in this book.  Oh and if you are teaching Girls World let us know we’ll send Living a Girls World badges. Girl Scouts, Church Groups, Community Organizations, Sewing groups we are here to support you….there’s a buzz and we can never thank you enough. all the best, me.

Don’t forget our blog has a list of places that sell our fabrics please go there first for best selection.