Around Sis Boom Town

Well Circa is about to hit and it looks like we are going to have to order more!!!  Looks like most of the yardage manufactured has been sold.  Do not worry that won’t affect you just means a party for me!!!! Seriously folks we don’t do it alone and it takes a village it takes your enthusiasm and excitement to carry it across the web and create a riot of sorts. We are passionate folks and when a line that we love resonates we can’t contain ourselves. Am I right??? So hats off to all of you!!! The good news for you is that the stores will have it that’s who consumed all the yardage.  I can’t wait to see what you create.  I want to see bridesmaids dresses and , boys ties, sunhats and amazing girls dresses so bring it on, fill my inbox with all your glory. I am standing by.  So Sis Boom Town is busy and on facebook the community is jumpin!!! We sell fabrics, dresses, clutches and a whole lot more. We hope you will like us on facebook and join the fun. Purchase our PDF patterns and our books from Chronicle cause Mother’s Day is coming.  Get fired up as one of my close friends always says.  Exciting days ahead.

The diamond Luca fabric is perfect for the boys aand men’s shirts we have them for $10.00 per yard..Holla!!

Here they come

Super Fly is getting it’s due.  Just to fuel your imagination we borrow from Judy B. at Hickity Pickity.  She used the Super Fly collection to create the beautiful Lucy Halter !!! Go Judy!

Up Next Kristy a wonderful new fan we can’t get enough of Kristy from Hopeful Threads  created the lamp from Girls World !  Great job Kristy hope you never stop creating these lamps!!!

Then Alyson Ray from Brick and Mortar Thread store in Alabama, is just tickled with her customers.  She’s almost sold out of Pink Zebra Super fly!! Holla!!!!

Add to the mix the girl that steals my heart ( Sally Keller) time and time again with her sweet ways has contributed her blog love on the Jenny blog love Train.   Apron found in Happy Home!