My friend Lady Jane

Remember when are moms all called us Lady Jane??  Well when Sue ad I became friends on twitter one day I just said hey Lady Jane and she remembered when she was called Lady Jane. So we’ve had a sweet connection ever since and now I get to preview all her amazing talents with Sis boom fabric and it’s always unbelievably fun to watch her create.

Just look at the mommy and me Rosetta bags she created with Girls World Vibe ! Oh we are loving those those sweet rosettes !!  I love to share Sis Boom friends  photos because it’s always inspiring to me and to our readers.  I love how she paired the Girls World Vibe fabrics. Just for reference there is even one size larger in the Rosetta bag.  So thank you to  Sue from Antique Basket for the double ruffle whimsy. Sue has a great etsy store too!!

5 Responses to “My friend Lady Jane”

  1. Sue says:

    Thanks you my friend Miss Jen

  2. angel says:

    Very pretty! I love all the colorful goodies in your background image too.
    When my mom would wake me up she’d say, “Up and at ’em Adam Ant!”
    I think I’d prefer Lady Jane 🙂

  3. Jenny Fish says:

    So darling! I LOVE the flower and butterfly on them too! Loving that zig zag!

  4. Louise says:

    Love the bags and the fabric choices too.
    By the way. I thought Lady Jane was something only my mom called us girls. I guess there were more moms out there that used it too.
    Keep designing all those luscious fabrics, patterns and books. just love their vibrancy. Girl’s World is my go to book when I sew for my granddaughters. They want at least one of everything in the book!!

  5. Linda Edwwards says:

    Very cute handbag. I know that my granddaughters would love for me to make them each one. Thanks for sharing.

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