The Dress Heard Round the World

Oh my, it was just another day, dedicated to getting all the work done before bedtime, Know what I’m sayin???  And just getting on with it I was distracted by a video clip Carla sent me that showed the Duchess of England at a playdate in New Zealand, one of our favoritists places that seem to eat up all the fabric we send them. 🙂  In this clip I noticed a flash of fabric that looked like mine but couldn’t be sure because of all the movement and people in the way..Yes they were in the way of the perfect shot of the perfect dress…(the way I saw it) so what if it was the future King. (outtheway)

anywho….the still shots started rolling in and for sure it was our fabric and we were soooooo excited but the important thing for me was to find the creator of the dress because that’s who deserves all the praise!!!  And find her we did!! Alana Garland please stand up!!! We are so grateful to you for this beauty shot..nice going !!!  I hope you sell a zillion two!!!  To all of New Zealanders we thank you for finding the future doubt in our minds..she is exquisite!



Sis Boom in Liberty of London. Swoon!

Just got back from a most wonderful London trip. Spending time with my Katie Lady, visiting museums galore, and inviting oodles of inspiration into my world consumed my ever day… and then a brief stop at Liberty of London to discover that… THEY ARE CARRYING SIS BOOM FABRICS! They had Lucky Girl in stock (including Marcella)!! So… for all of our UK friends, pop over to Liberty for your Sis Boom fix!

Sis-Boom-in-Liberty-of-London Sis-Boom-in-Liberty-of-London2


Look at this lucky girl… She’s got a sweet fuzzy pouf embellishing her pretty little bun! It almost couldn’t get better.. but then it did! We imagined her in a little dress made with Jennifer Paganelli’s Lucky Girl. Sweet and dainty meets fun and fluffy. Perfecto.

Her dress? Perhaps a long maxi dress.. or a little party dress.. Our fabric choices? Maggie, Marcella and Nicki from Lucky Girl. toss in a Rosetta bag and voila. Officially the luckiest gal in the world!


1. Lucky Girl JP81 Yellow | Maggie

2. Lucky Girl JP78 Deep Plum | Marcella

3. Lucky Girl JP80 Pink | Nicki

4. Flurry Pouf

Marcella Gets a Shout Out in Home Accents Today!!

Ok.. is it just us or are these Marcella Pillows seriously famous?! We can barely keep track of how popular they are, as they keep showing up in magazines, blogs, and funky fabulous online shops. Love! Not to toot our own horns, but it’s pretty cool, huh?!

Just recently, these Marcella knock-outs were featured in Home Accents Today in the Editor’s Choice section!! Thanks Peking Handicraft for the heads up!

Sis Boom Room Marcella!

AHHH!! We are SO excited! Our new Marcella collection of pillows is out on the market (they’ll be available in late February)! There are 4 colorways total..

Stay tuned as we showcase the other 3 colors in Sis Boom Rooms to come! Also featured in this ultra chic, ultra cozy room is (2) Danielle of the Honey Child Collection.

1. Antique Sign | 2. Danielle from Honey Child $10 per yard  |  3. Isis Table Lamp $149  |  4. Venetian Cigarette Table $199.00  |  5. Sis Boom Marcella Pillow $100  |  6. Carlyle Chair $895 – $2450  |  7. Pink Studio Tall Wool Boot $178  |  8. Everything is Going to be ok Book $12.95  |  9. Hotline Telephone $48