It’s Bosco Bowtie Time!!! Complimentary Pattern to download right now!

It’s Bosco time! We hope each of you knows a sweet little boy, a strapping young gentleman, or heck, even a manly man who is in need of a fabulous bow tie!!…

This is a complimentary pattern from Sis Boom as a huge thank you for your love and support! Click on the pattern cover image below to be taken to a FREE PDF download!

Pattern cover features our handsome model, Tyler, who really knew how to work it! As always, thank you Carla Crim for being amazing and talented! How cool does our Nelly Honey Child laminate look as a back drop– it’s extra wide and worked beautifully in the photo shoot! Special thanks to Tim Geaney and Nancy Geaney for helping us capture this precious Bosco moment!

Sis Boom Room with a POP of Yellow!

Here you have it, folks… a LOVEly Sis Boom Room!! Look closely and you will spot our hot off the press Marcella Pillows as well as (4), Rosetta (1), Nelly (2), and Mikaela (5) from Honey Child! We couldn’t leave this funky bohemian setup without adding a little party action — what fun is a bright, happy room without a disco ball (3)?! I mean, come on! Looks like Spring, eh?

1. Sis Boom Rosetta (Honey Child), 2. Sis Boom Nelly (Honey Child), 3. Chauvet Disco Ball, 4. Sis Boom Marcella Pillow, 5. Sis Boom Mikaela (Honey Child), 6. Murray Feiss table lamp Macy’s, 7. Kai Candle, 8. Elle Bank Urban Outfitters, 9. Atelier Chesterfield Anthropologie,  10. Love Italic Double Ring Topshop, 11. The Book of Love Urban Outfitters