Enjoy your Sunday.

Open those eyes and hope that someone special put a piping hot cup of coffee on your night table. Take a sip and do your morning stretch as you admire the view from your window. It’s Sunday. A day for you to rest and be with family. A day for you to read the book you’ve been carrying around, make that special recipe you’ve been dreaming of, sit down at your sewing table and put a few special stitches in that beloved quilt. It’s YOUR day.

Your enveloped in a beautiful cozy bed, overflowing with down and soft sheets. The bed frame stands proud in its twirly, swirly goodness, and the pillows you rest on are playful and happy. They are Ibiza, by Sis Boom, and they are there to make you smile. They are embroidered luxury, but also perfectly casual.

Yesterday we showcased an Ibiza rug in a room for baby, but this is where Ibiza fits perfectly into your world.

Enjoy your day.

Ibiza Pillow by Jennifer Paganelli

Lydia Bed by Anthropologie

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  1. Pillow love!! Wow you are so full of surprises!!!

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