Nancy, You Make Our Hearts Sing!!

As many of you know, and some may not, we are excitedly awaiting our next line, West Indies!!!! We promise to have it up on the site asap, but in the meantime, enjoy this bit of eye candy by our dear friend Nancy Geaney.

Would you all take a look at this amazing West Indies Quilt she created?!??!

This quilt is called the Voodoo magic quilt, and it’s obvious why– Yes, those pieces that look like they’re popping off the quilt actually are! Nancy is quite the quilt magician.

Nancy, you’ve really outdone yourself this time! Can’t you just see yourself sipping a tall glass of lemonade whilst sitting on this quilt, picnic style?! We can too!

Read Nancy’s Blog post, as she shares her inspiration for the quilt, a fun technique she used for the quilt, and where you can see a video tutorial as to make something like this at home!

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