Book Signings and Schoolhouse

Please come by I want so much to meet you.!!  I’m already misty eyed to meet those I have never met folks that I converse with almost every day.  I have real friends from doing the thing I love to do in this world. How cool is that???  So come by because I am terribly excited to meet you.  If you must know I am doing book signings Saturday and Sunday 2-4 so please come by with your Happy Home for me to sign or purchase right there from Westminster.  We will have such a good time.  Oh the things I will write in your book,  just amazing!!  seriously Freespirit Booth Saturday and Sunday 2-4 Get a signed copy of Happy Home!!  Booth number 1608.  Please come by!!!!  School House is at 11am with myself and Carla and something exciting in store for Brick and Mortar so stay tuned.

PS Monique made another Devon!

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