Drum Roll Please

Erika Rodriguez and Cheryl Pinkman have won the Raven Hill Fabric Dolls and thank you everyone for playing along in our raffle. I think we all agree on Emily Moss's talent!!!  Some other things I want you to be aware of are the number of quilts that Nancy Geaney of Go Make Your Bed has created of late…Top two photos…and
also my friend Jamie Harned who makes our baby quilts and has her own Etsy shop…don't get me started…called Sweet Baby Jamie!!  This girl doesn't sleep, she got a long arm quilter that hasn't stopped since she purchased it over a month ago and that I like to think was christened with Sis Boom fabric…All of these ladies make my world a better place because we are all winners everyday we get to wake up to gorgeous fabric….Am i right???  The design world just keeps getting better and I'm grateful to be one of many talented folks. You guys are the best and please come back next week for another fun contest ok?? Oh and if you see George, head of our customer service department could you tell him Monday is a workday???
DSC_0006_16 DSC_0053_7 



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  1. Gorgeous as always! Those quilts are amazing!

  2. Mickey says:

    Thanks for sharing those lovely quilts! I am crazy about whole fabric/free arm quilting. I only wish I was better at it.
    I especially love the George the customer service guy. 🙂 My kids would love him too!

  3. lilyhaven says:

    Those quilts are gorgeous!!!
    Congratulations to the lucky winners of the dolls. I’m totally jealous. 😉

  4. Kelly Aasen says:

    Those quilts are stunning! And George is so cute, I love that photo! :o)

  5. You are fabulous, and George is sooooo adorable!! Yes, it is true my long arm was christened with FLOWER POWER! Only the best is my motto!

  6. erika says:

    So glad that I was lucky enough to have been one of the winners of RavenHill’s doll–they are so gorgeous!
    You are right about having a great team of creative and determined people. There is a cute little quilt shop in my town whose customer service and classes beat anything else around–it is the team that can a difference and how great for you to have such supportive folks in your corner. The quilts the ladies are making in your fabrics are beautiful; I have bookmarked the sites for later endulgence!
    I wish I was with George….

  7. What beautiful quilts!! Just love all of your fabrics, they are so fresh and pretty. xoxo

  8. I could stare at those quilts all day long…

  9. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Oh the adorable George and look at him go! Beautiful work on the quilts and the fabric is so pretty.

  10. LuAnn Smith says:

    That picture of George is just adorable. Oh yes and the quilts are lovely! I love the blue and white print on top of the stack…

  11. Beautiful!!! George works hard he deserves a little break!

  12. Ronda Beyer says:

    Yummy colors, I can’t get enough of it… And tell George to play hookie and come over and play with my Sophie and Max…. Love your blog, fabulous and so inspirational

  13. Nancy Geaney says:

    If George were a celebrity, who would he be? He’s great looking in a boyish sort of way,a bit on the hyper side, wavy blond hair, great sense of humor, a little needy… I’m thinking Owen Wilson, who I think is terribly sexy with that screwed up nose of his…aaaaah, george. I’m thinking you need a bl;og of your own!
    Cheech says, “Hey, dude.”

  14. Love the stacks of quilt….can see why your daughter is into cameras, you take such marvelous photos yourself!! Makes me feel like the French countryside jumped across the Atlantic…now if only it would make a couple more jumps across the Mississippi and the Rockies! (which I get to fly over soon) :):)
    George, george…customers don’t answer the phones themselves you know. No put that ball down and get back to work…he really doesn’t know how lucky he is to have a boss who sponsors such great recreational facilities and recognizes that a happy employee is an empowered employee! 🙂

  15. Such gorgeous colors, like candy. Hope you are doing so great, Jennifer, and that George is a hard worker.
    xo Lidy {and Beau!}

  16. Everything is so so beautiful. As always! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. curious…what kind of dog is in the photo?

  18. George is a Labradoodle!!

  19. kelli says:

    eye candy! The colors are simply amazing! And what a great dog–that George!

  20. Lori Porten says:

    These quilts are so beautiful! I LOVE to see them all stacked up like that! Makes me want to get quilting again!

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