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I'll tell you when a designer comes out with a new collection we love to see all the places it shows up and the fuss you all make about it makes us so happy because truth is, we design to please.
We love to design and I'll always throw extra pink in cause I've learned you can't live without it and neither can I!!!  Believe it or not we've been known to sweat it out a bit to see who picks up the line.  Not every line is going to be picked up by all the stores (mortar and brick or online) all of the time.  But there is something about that clothesline at Sew Mama Sew that makes me feel as though I've arrived.  Kristen Link has been a huge supporter and I've been so grateful to her for all she's done. This in no way diminishes the way I feel about all of you who have embraced Sis Boom fabrics and throughout the years have unwrapped, unpacked, stored, cut, and sent out every single yard. I am so grateful to everyone in this community.   For those of you who follow us here at Sis Boom it's about rich ,saturated color and right now we clamor for it!! So take a peek at Sew Mama Sews blog April 2nd for some fun giveaways.  Tell them I sent you!!





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  1. I just took a look at your Pretty Please and I am GUSHING!!! There is not enough time in my day, I’m gonna have to cut out sleeping so I can keep sewing!!

  2. sheri howard says:

    I absolutely LOVE that pink and red pillow. I REALLY to find some of that fabric for my guest room! Thanks for all your pretty things!

  3. Let me just tell you when I felt like I had “arrived”! The other night I was at home alone (that NEVER happens) the kids were with Nana, Hubby was at the fires station, and I was feeling pretty lonely…like too lonely to fall asleep on my own, lonely. So I looked up craftsanity and listened to YOUR podcast. OH my goodness! I read your blog and listened until it was almost morning! I fell asleep listening to your voice and your story just dreaming of one day getting YOUR fabrics and MY dress patterns together. I was thinking of how one day I would probably end up seeing you at market, but be way too shy to actually talk to you (even though I feel like our stories are so much alike). So I dream about this all night (literally!) and when I wake I check my email. WHAT?! There was an email there from a shop owner who sews up samples for YOU asking ME to sew a sample of my Miss Madeline dress with your fabrics! I think I did a happy dance! How could this happen?! I fall asleep listening to your voice and wake up with an email saying you liked my dress pattern enough to want one as a sample?? That my friend is the moment I had ARRIVED! I called my husband, my sister, and my best friend shouting and telling them this story! Seriously! The fact that you even gave my pattern a second look totally makes me feel like I have arrived! Thank you!
    Samantha Caffee
    of The Handmade Dress

  4. Andrea says:

    I love the dresses and of course the fabric! I am off to check this out!! I am also having a giveaway!

  5. Your fabrics are the best! The colors, the designs.. I love working with them and they work with anything you have going on in your wardrode or your home! You ahve definately made it, but I don’t think you realize you made it a long time ago, according to all us! Thanks for all your hard work and your talent.. You inspire us all to want to sew all the time!

  6. I’m such a big fan of all your fabric. I wish I could own more yards than I have. I just love the stuff!

  7. Jeanne says:

    I will head over to Sew Mama Sew right now. I love her shop. I have ordered from her since the beginning of my sewing.

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