So Glad you are here..

Zabrree Couture is at it again!!!!! We love her mixes and her pattern and color plat. A keen sensibility for fashion and inspires us daily!!!

Gotta love this cutie!

Vintage Child

What a great name for Cat Christiansen’s creations. A Vintage Child is her wonderful place on etsy of precious hand makings.  She does it so well.  Look at this stunning little girl with her Crazy Love Pinafore.  Love the combo and the sweet knots.  Cat we are so grateful for your wonderful touch and thanks for sharing with our blog readers. Everyone is so inspired by everyone else and we are so appreciative when someone puts a signature twist on their collection..Beautiful. Follow sweet Cat on facebook.

Ruby Cheeks

This child is breathtaking.  Destiny Wear came up with this sweet one shouldered ruffled neck and it is really wonderful.  We are smitten over the styling and the use of Crazy Love.  Sweet Kylie Howes sent me a very enthusiastic lovely FB message and then I saw this cherubic baby and they had me!!!  I just love what you have done here Kylie and folks if you are patient she will make you one too. Contact her on facebook!!  Soon she will have a shop but for now reach her on facebook at Destiny Wear. 


The Red Door

How is it that beautiful doors make great back drops for all of your beautiful handiwork?  Check this beauty out with her hair so sweetly done up and all this red and green for Holiday time.  In the south you may be able to wear as is, in the winter think turtleneck and long sleeves and what a great pairing for those photographic moments.  Be still my heart. Becky Collins at Granny B’s clothing has created such  special outfits.  We at Sis Boom love the sensibility of both of these combos!!  They rock Crazy Love!!

Worth Another Look

I love me a quilt!!  Rachael Daisy is a star among quilters!!  You can tell she has the best time !  I tell you this to me is so unreal.  It looks otherworldly like something Asian.  I don’t know it’s just so great to look at . The triangles seem to undulate.  She primarily used the Sis Boom Crazy Love Fabric Collection and I think it’s the strong Purples in this quilt that keep me coming back for more.

Rachael, Thanks for your beautiful contribution to our quilt library !! Masterful!!