Sis Boom Angie Hack-A-Thon Round Up


Our Sis Boom Angie Hack-A-Thon is over and it was a great week. We are rounding up the week in one post so you don’t miss any of these great ideas. Thanks to all our bloggers who participated! We love all your takes on our beloved Angie.

Idle Sunshine Angie Hack

Idle Sunshine teaches you how to use knit for the Angie instead of the traditional woven.



Anna’s Heirloom Boutique teaches you how to do a faux corset!

Angie with contrasting pocket

Inspinration shows you how to redraft the dart into a princess seam and add visible contrasting pockets.


Cookies N Bees – gives the Angie an Hawaiian spin with a fun print, crisscross straps and an uber flattering circle skirt.

Angie with princess seam

Sewing By Ti shows you how to add princess seams on the bust.


Adventures and Bubba and Bug turns our Angie into a lovely and comfortable maternity top.

angie high low

Tiny Sew Tiny shows you a playful and hip high low knit Angie.

Low back angie

And last but not least, the Crafting Fiend teaches you how to lower the back neckline.

Autumn-ize that Angie!!

Hi everyone! It’s still Madeline here, as Jen is representing Sis Boom over in Ohio at the Country Living Fair! (Go Jen!!!!)

Let’s talk clothes… More specifically, Sis Boom patterns.. ohh yeahh!

The whole process is so magical, is it not?! From the first step of choosing your pattern… to selecting the most perfect fabric with the most wonderful and right-on colors, ideal scale, and personality that suits you better than you had ever imagined… to the time spent at the sewing machine.. and then finally, the moment you slip that garment on and stand back with a smile on your face. Magic!! How much fun is that?!

I wanted to chose a pattern today and showcase some accessories that can enhance the look and take it right into Autumn.

My  choice is the Angie Dress. Ideal by itself for the warmer Summer months, Angie can really work year round. For those of you who aren’t ready to put it away for the cooler months ahead, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! BTW, as I come up with this look, I totally have Katie in mind… how beautiful is she in these photos!! I’m hoping this is an outfit she’d love to wear. Maybe I’ll take her shopping when she comes home for her next break! (sorry, Jen! haha!)


So, either get that Angie out and start accessorizing!… OR if you don’t have one, it’s time to MAKE ONE! Happy Sunday 🙂 xo Madeline

They are here and ready to download!!

Have you tried our new patterns??