A little Birdy told me!!!

So many of you know my girlfriend Nancy Geaney!!!!  Well guess what????  Nancy has  been highlighted in this new amazing book!!!  Love the cover ,who doesn't love the bird motif!!!  Nancy contributed the most amazing quilt to this wonderful LITTLE BIRDS book. It's a book of 26 handmade projects to sew stitch and quilt .So congratulate Nancy  and tell her a little birdy sent you! Oh and there are many other amazing woman creating wonderful things but one of my favorites is Bari J's little birds that she designed for this sweet little book. So tell BariJ who many of you know as another amazing fabric designer , that her birds are so way cool.   Congrats to everyone involved!!


5 Responses to “A little Birdy told me!!!”

  1. Stefanie says:

    The little birdies are so cute!

  2. Melissa P says:

    Adorable and perfect for Spring! I’m off to congratulate Nancy.

  3. Nancy Geaney says:

    You are the best- I am nothing without your friendship.
    xoxo nancy

  4. Allie says:

    I’m going to have to look for that book!

  5. Yayyy Nancy!! You rock! Congrats 🙂

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