Oodles of Charm

Take a looky and get inspired!!!  We found another Sis Boombette!!!!  Amy Humphreys is so talented and I found her by accident I guess you could say. She is an extraordinary designer that mixes it up with knits and quilting fabrics and even lycra looks like.  I just adore her designs and the photos speak for themselves.  Make certain you stumble across her website and give her a shout.  Amy we really appreciate you opening your world up to the Sis Boom reader.  Your work is amazing.  She also suggested doing knits with Sis Boom designs I think she's onto something.  So if it ever comes about we will have Amy to thank.  BTW The Quilted Castle has unbelievable prices looks like everyone is making room for May Market so take advantage and load on up!! xoxoxo


5 Responses to “Oodles of Charm”

  1. Tabitha O. says:

    LOVELY!!! Ya know you could even do designs on a thinner more summery fabric??? not sure what to suggest but something soft and flowy? Ah well just babbling away so please feel free to ignore lol it has already been a long day…

  2. Oh my goodness! I could just eat all those darling little outfits up! She is a master!!

  3. Kim D. says:

    Love the little girly dresses, adorable!! I was just thinking today that it might be fun to have a cute knit fabric to sew up a top. Great Idea!!

  4. these are so beautiful, sweet, and perfect. love.

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