Carla Hegeman Crim is the Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took us awhile to find each other but we are stuck like glue now!!!  As you know she's the greatest  pattern designer of all time and is the brains behind our patterns.  Carla has produced  4 patterns in the span of 5 months!!!! its unreal!!  What I love most about Carla is her professionalism and dedication to the product.  This girl involves more testers then I ever knew existed and they are all charged up with the love of the craft. Thank you best testers in America!! Carla attracts good to her and you'll read about her friends who are behind her, making sure she is out in front because they believe in her so much.  Some folks only buy Scientific Seamstress patterns for their straightforward instructions and illustrative guides that make them simple to follow.  They also know that they have been put to the ultra test and would highly be granted the Good Housekeeping seal of approval if there still is such a thing…How about the Sis Boom seal of approval!!  Please take a looky at her etsy shop and get those downloads now and see how handsome that son is of hers!! That's right she also does boys!!!  I'm afraid Louie's heart belongs to momma!!!  I've tried, believe me !!! 
So below see what this girl has done for Sis Boom !! The peasant is here and we couldn't be more smitten.  A simple silhouette with 100 ways to wear! Not kidding!!  So thank you Carla you are a blessing.  Testers please add all your amazing shots to our flickr group  so folks can see long and short versions!  A special shout to Meg from Brassy Apple for her amazing talents too! The Molly Peasants for girls and Meghan Peasant for adults at You can make so what are you waiting for???Highrespeasentwomanfinal Revised girl peasent

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