I just thought it would be a cool place to start.  Did anyone else crossstitch this and then frame it when they were about 10.  Kwitcherbellyakin was a popular phrase and it made for quite the chic sampler.  I tell you folks I'm loaded with them.  So lets face it getting a college room ready for a girl can not only be time consuming but if you don't want your child to bellyache get over to Go make your bed.  She is hoppin over there trying to meet all the college deadlines!  But they are soooo pretty.  I love Nancy Geaneys bed in a bag because you get something different and unique that only you will have.  She is the master and I love how the bag is employed as a pillow case when not carting the duvet and quilt around. Go Nancy!  The last picture is the new book by Judy Lake aka Lamp shade lady. Judy will also be at Brimfield signing her new book so check her out and stay close to her blog updates. The book just hit the stores so it just just came out and she devulges the secrets of making lampshades!!!  
I've watched her in awe for years sell her one of a kind beauties and
now she is disclosing all her secrets….get in line behind me!  She
also used one of my Casey Scrolls so I am extremely fond of that
girl!!!  It doesn't take much, mention me in your next book and we can
be bff's..:)  Talk soon  Oh and Judy will be at Brimfield with her books so stay close to her blog to find out the dates.  It's all good in my hood!!!




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