Pretty Please Quilt Kits!!

Laura at Fabric Square Shop has Pretty Please quilt kits all ready to go and a free one for one very special winner!!!  I wish you could see the quilt in person.  It is so amazing that yellow  pops just like it would in your garden.  After that bop on over to Mirindas Fabric Hound and get Indygo Junctions new wrap skirt pattern and pair it with your favorite Sis Boom Fabric just like Eileen Pa did over at Facebook!!! Doesn't she look like a celebrity??? must be the skirt!!  She's such a beautiful trendsetter!!!  Thanks to all of you for showing how Sis Boom makes beautiful quilts and chic clothing..  PS Carla tells me the Peasant dress pattern should be rolling out next week…..OMG I don't know when I have been this excited!! So stay tuned!  Mechelle !! so sorry the winner is Karen Rhea and she wants a yard of her four favorites! She says "I think I would like, 1 yard of Pretty Please – Ann Flower Mural JP12Blue, 1 Yard of Pretty Please – Amanda Fleur JP21Royal, 1 Yard of Dance With Me Kayla JP26Aqua, and 1 Yard of Dance With Me – Libby JP25Red."  oh and then she exclaimed " PS I LOVE YOUR FABRIC!!!!!!  but to be honest I don't have her blog name will post when I get!!



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