We passed the 100 mark over at Sis Boom Sightings!!! Thank you all so much for uploading all your pics Keep them coming
especially Bellbottoms!! Love to see more of what you made with that group. Oh and our shop is filling up in our new website Rachel
so take a look inside. So lots of firsts and new beginnings, it feels good it feels right. As a few of you know Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame is filing chapter 11. It’s a sad day when someone we admire and holds the torch so we can all see our way better has a difficult time. It is my humble belief that she should know how much we all care and every success she made was one for womankind. Rachel made roses a part of our daily life. We wouldn’t think to be without them ever! I remember when I walked into her store in Soho so many moons ago the beauty and comfort was almost unbearable I wanted it all! So during my lunch break from Knoll I would fawn over every tiny touch every placement of tokens and mementos. What I remember most on the starched white linens
was a rose sweetly placed on a chair or seat cushion. Cracked and beloved china given reverence. Distressed was the term given but it was so much bigger than that..we were given legacy,cast off treasures, secrets of a timeworn past. As a working woman concerned with timing and precision I felt I’d come home. I wanted to be her. That woman behind the desk with the casual jeans surrounded by an elegant history.
Do yourself a favor read her blog or should I say prose. Everything from her photos to her words is pure poetry. Also read Carol Spinski’s tribute to Rachel which moved me so. We all march on during these uncertain times and see that some of the best of us have had to succumb to the economic Tsumnami
but we will be brave because we follow a different truth that during the hardest of times we keep the faith that there is a better plan unfolding. He wouldn’t bring us this far to drop us. Don’t quit before the miracle. To all of you and especially today, Rachel, I thank each and every one of you for believing in beauty the kind that lights us from the inside.

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  1. I love your new website!
    It really sad about Rachel…I didn’t know. She is such an inspiration and I believe that this will not be the last that we see of her.

  2. Helena Weber says:

    Lovely…thank you for that Jennifer. 🙂

  3. Tammy Gilley says:

    LOVING the new website, Jen!! Beautiful! xo

  4. It breaks my heart…I have loved shabby chic since the first time I stepped into the Santa Monica store! Creative people keep creating…I know she will c ome through this with flying, vintage-hued colors. (I bought the cutest little dinner candle votives at Target to cover in glitter. THanks so much for the idea. It will be perfect for my Valentines party.)

  5. Aunt Spicy says:

    Noooooo! I had no idea! I used to go to the Malibu store when i was at home visiting the family. Sigh. And her aisle at Target is my fav! But I have to agree with the above post, she will reinvent and continue to create!

  6. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Thanks for letting us know. : (

  7. Robin says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Rachel Ashwell. I love her designs. My master bedroom is decorated with one of her Target designs. I guess that explains why so many of her items are marked “clearance”. 🙁

  8. Jona says:

    These are strange days indeed. I feel terrible for Rachel. I’m sure this is heartbreaking for her but I know her creativity hasn’t filed chapter 11 so I think she’ll inspire us in a new way soon.
    It’s so sad to see so many of the beautiful things we’ve enjoyed start to close up shop (magazines, stores,…). It really makes me want to sit and cry. Thank God blogs are cheap to run. They may be all we have for awhile. (if Typepad files chapter 11 after I’ve typed this I really will sit and cry!) 🙂

  9. lilyhaven says:

    Congratulations on over 100 Sis Boom sightings. I have some new pictures I will be posting soon! I love those fabrics. 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear about Rachel. That’s terrible. 🙁

  10. Oh Jennifer! You are providing inspiration to so many. Thank you. As an interior designer I haven’t had a new client in months. As I finished up with my current client I decided to take a few archtectural and art classes. I refuse to sit idle and instead am spending my free time in the classroom. It can’t hurt.
    Thank you for the lemonade versus lemons.

  11. Sherri says:

    Jennifer the new website is darling ~ I have always been a huge fan, but now even more so! Gorgeous, everything! I just visited Rachel’s blog and left words of hope, as so many are doing. Hey girls, we were there for our Rachel when she was at the top, and we’re here for her now. I am pulling for her, and rooting for her in my own little corner of the world.
    Life is too short to pull up the daisies, when all we have to do is stop and smell the roses. xoxo

  12. Jeanne says:

    I read Rachel’s site this week and I just hope she can come back stronger. She is such an inspiration and makes everything lovely. Just don’t forget…you do too!!!!

  13. Firefly Hill says:

    I am so sad about Rachel. I have always loved everything she has done. But I agree she will come back in some other way and probably stronger!
    Jennifer…I love your new website!

  14. Jennifer, the new website is STUNNING! I love love love it! Going to blog about it tomorrow! Can I use an image?

  15. Rachel’s work is an inspiration to so many! My heart goes out to her for this ‘little speed bump in the road’. I know her business will come back stronger and better than ever!! Her talents are far too great to be held back by something like this!
    Love your new site!
    ~ Jennifer

  16. Rolane says:

    That is really sad to hear about Rachel! She has inspried so much of our decorating styles. I know she will bounce back as she has proven her creative spirit…I do love your site and products. So talented.
    The Vintage Barn

  17. I love the way you wrote about Rachel and the economy…we will all survive this and be stronger for it!
    The way I see things, the creative spirit in all us us will be the stuff that gets us through. Think about it, we are the ones that can take a twig, glue and a bit of glitter and create magic!
    Shoulders back, chins up…and most of all, keep the faith!!

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