Big Surprise

I've decided to teach a class closer to home in Wilton, CT.   Years ago I got stuck creatively and have used a collage technique that helps me shape a creative direction.  Based loosely on the Artists Way by Julia Cameron it has helped me get out of my own way and to be focused in a world of distraction. Begun over 15 years ago this process of collaging has been a compass of sorts in helping navigate the path I am walking.   By supporting myself  in a parachute of spirituality I have learned to trust in my innate abilities and be comfortable in my skin.  It has taken years but I have been fortunate to allow this wisdom of the ages to infiltrate my life and keep me grounded when the force of camparing myself to others can become so unbearable and I end up feeling less than.  Please join me as I take you on a journey that will help you find that next right thing.  That thing for you . That thing that will give you bliss.  If you are interested in taking the class you can sign up here.  Oh and I will demonstrate a simple craft for those of you who can't get enough…Tissue Flowers made from Vintage Dress Patterns.  Oh and don't be late for class!Brillophone

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