Last Chance

In the City that never sleeps join Jennifer and gal pals as they create fun Victorian Style Cones at the most wonderful store in New York City, Tinsel Tradingi , my personal embellishment store of all time…..Do not miss this extravaganza…
Bring a cup of Joe and settle into class this Saturday the 26th of April from 12-3pm and watch the creativity unfold in the most inspiring place of all time……..oh and don’t be late for class!! No need to dress to the nines like my show offy friends be comfortable…see you there..JenniferLadies

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  1. Ahh too bad, I will be in NYC for the Stationery show and that’s not until next month so I will miss it!! Have a great class!

  2. Bobbie Lynn Duran says:

    Hope you show and tell with some photos. Sorry I can not be there. 🙁

  3. I love your ‘show offy friends’! Very cute.
    I wish I could visit NY, I’d love to see Tinsel Trading in person, and meet you. I know it’ll be a fun day! Enjoy.
    I added my name to my ‘About’ page. Thanks for being so thoughtful. 🙂
    ~ Jennifer

  4. Hi Jennifer! It looks like you’re having fun playing with your show-offy-girl-friends on Photoshop! Love the outfits you dressed them in! Hope the class is fun!

  5. paige says:

    love those girlies!

  6. Lisa Kettell says:

    This class sounds like its going to be amazing, I was at Tinsel Last Week for a class!

  7. Summer Allen says:

    those girls are tdf stylin!!

  8. jen eskridge says:

    That store looks awesome! I’ll have to bookmark it. Have fun at the class. ~jen~

  9. I wish that I could be there…it sounds like fun!

  10. amy says:

    I’m quite sure you here this all the time, but I’ll say it anyway…
    You make the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen in my entire life!
    Everytime I look at it, it speaks to me or something. The colors, the patterns, the combinations of colors and patterns. It just makes me happy.
    Just though I’d let you know.

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