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Take a look…Nancy Geneay designs the prettiest quilts…. Taking a cue from one of my Bell Bottoms announcements she hastened a beautiful quilt that is just blocks of the fabrics free formed together….I even pretended it was a rug in this photoshoot!! I know I’ve shown a ton from this collection but I know I’ll get an e-mail from someone who will see it for the first time so please indulge me…..Maybe you’ll see something that inspires you and be glad I posted so many Bell Bottom views…..Next week watch for my blog aboutt Bari J designer extraordinaire who makes the most beautiful items from quilting fabric so stay tuned……Img_0092

21 Responses to “More Inspiration”

  1. Gorgeous…on the floor, on the chair, in piles, on the tables…where ever you photograph it, it’s a gorgeous quilt! And, I never get tired of all the lovely creations made from your fabrics!

  2. Tanya Whelan says:

    That would make an awesome rug!!! Hoping they’ll be some Jpag designed rugs out there in the near future!

  3. Someone has been busy 🙂 the quilts are beautiful.

  4. Rory says:

    I am delurking to tell you that I fell in love with Bell Bottoms and made a quilt (my 2nd ever) just like the ones you had made from Little Red Quilt House. I made it to take to the beach next month, my husband saw it and said it was too nice to throw on the sand!! Thanks for the beautiful fabric!

  5. Oh I love the fabrics! & I am envious of your slip clover. I need to learn to make those because I have a couple of chairs I want to keep that just need to be recovered. The blue is to die for!!!

  6. Caroline says:

    The quilts looks so cheerful and snuggly! Makes me want to curl up on the couch with one and a book!

  7. M&Co says:

    Soo beautiful! I can never get enough of your beautiful fabrics! You know, those gorgeous fabrics you sent me has been draped over a chair in our living room for over a month now, and I just love looking at them (Should start working on my pillow though ;-)) Yesterday, I made a small jewellery box with that fabulous aqua colored one, and I’m in love. You’ve certainly opened my eyes to colors! 🙂

  8. jen says:

    I love that! How beautiful!

  9. Jamie Walker says:

    Hey Jennifer – I LOVE the new fabrics!! Stop by POPIN’s blog today.. I posted the room that I did with your Nicole fabric ~Jamie

  10. Those are gorgeous quilts, so full of color! I’m currently working on a project with your fabrics and I love Bell Bottoms.

  11. M says:

    WOW! What colors!! Fantastic!

  12. Marnie says:

    such fun – all the bright, beautiful colors – check out the tracy porter catalogue to see the avignon tunic – page 7 – done in beautiful lime green sis boom fabric – don;t remember the exact fabric name – similar to casey scroll but from last year. It looks great in the catalogue here is the address – cannot get the link function to work – must be too early for me.

  13. Nancy Geaney says:

    Thanks for the compliments, but it’s all you, jpag! I think I must get those floor quilts crankin’. until your rug line is post production! ( hint, hint) Your fabrics are so beautiful- even Tracy Porter can’t help herself! You are the true artist there! You and your fabrics continue to inspire and evoke good vibes.

  14. Alice says:

    How beautiful! I adore your fabrics and all the colors. The quilt is gorgeous and the chair WOW! As usual…all inspiring.

  15. Tatania says:

    Its gorgeous! Looks so wonderful.

  16. amy lowrey says:

    wow, i love it and i love your new line…

  17. mmm, yum. See you soon!

  18. Jennifer P. says:

    That quilt would make a fabulous rug! And I love the slipcover on the chair. That fabric is just the right scale for something like that. So fun to see what everyone does with your fabric!

  19. Marie Louise says:

    Love those quilts and your fabric as well! Marnie turned me on to your site after seeing a quilt I featured in my latest post. The woman who made it lives in the Caribbean and you can see she is inspired by her surroundings.

  20. Jona says:

    Everything is just gorgeous! You could never show us enough pictures of creations made with your fabrics!!

  21. happy zombie says:

    Delish, delish, deeeeeeeeelicious!

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