No Sew

Just a quick one but then mine always are!!! This is so easy and fun…get yourself some posterboard 14″ by 4 1/2″ to be exact but you can vary size depending… Cut a piece of fabric twice as big and wrap around posterboard clipping away any excess and glue down. (I only use hot glue I refuse to be slowed down by drying times) and fold your fabric tightly around all sides and glue into place. Next fold in half and if you have any trims, pom poms work best ,glue to the inside bottoms now (be certain that both sides are glued down to the inside cardboard and let dangle……what you’ll have are letters that you can just slide right on to the ribbon one by one. I glued mine in place by just hot gluing the inside top centers of each posterboard letter. Then for fun I used a scallop shaped die-cut and pre-glittered letters…..and of course these are the new Sis Boom Bellbottoms I was chatting about!!! The possibilities are infinite……so go crazy.Img_1164

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