Glimpses of the event

I am blessed!! Feel like the luckiest woman alive today …privledged and honored to have worked side by side with the Honorable Barbara Strawser whose art worked enlivened my porch with wit and whimsy! Today I looked out the window and got a sad pang looking out where she painted in the sun enjoying the weather and all the people !! I benefited by having her here enlightening me with her wisdom and kindness….I hope to make that our Spring event if she can squeeze us in on the calender !!! She understood why I do this twice a year because the people that come from near and far are so amazing...Danielle Muller from the Vintage Dragonflyand her Aunt Teresa Jenny from Everydays a Holiday My daughter Kate (13) says “Is Jenny Everyday coming?” she brought me the most amazing gift but check out what she and Aaron are making…to die for right so what are you waiting for ??? Go and see the girl….Who else? Oh my gosh Karla at Sugar Bear Designs stopped with some delicious treats for George and my Girlfriend Nuala’s daughter Siobahn (2) got a hold of one ….she was suppossed to be feeding George but it was to hard to resist these doggie delicacies. …and my friend Laurie, glitter lady from Martha was here!Also lets put pressure on Missy Galante who did the Interiors below to start a blog dontchathink? All in all it was magical!! Also I could never have done it without my daughter Katies friends who with their cheerleading and great music and laughter filled the house with a buzz of life and happiness and keep this place from turning into a Library…Love them all and thank them for their enthusiasm of everything bright and Sis Boom!! Tops off to Nancy Geaney and her daughter Genevieve who were held hostage for three days modeling and writing up sales receipts!! Last but not least my assistant Jackie who puts up with the silly humor of mine and grueling glitter tasks….Danielle_muller_jennifer_paganell_3

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