Rock the cradle!!!!!

Ok now we are rockin!! Look at the fab crib from my girl Susan Bridgefarmer from When-I-was-your-age well look at her crib and bedding made from none other than Sis Boom Fabric...this is what I’m getting at !!! Combine them if you love them they will work for you…She’s got the knack and she’s a great gal…tell all your friends and go see her stuff!Epsn0007

7 Responses to “Rock the cradle!!!!!”

  1. Ooooooooo, aaaaaaaaaah! LOVE!! You are exactly right….the fabrics combine beautifully! Now if only I could find fabulous fabrics for my little boy’s crib bedding. *sigh*

  2. Jamie Walker says:

    that’s great news Jennifer, we carry When-I-was-your-age at my shop, hopefully the crib sets will be available soon!!

  3. Linda Harre says:

    How adorable! I also LOVE the pics on the wall made from your fabric:) Really cute:D

  4. Sarah says:

    i haven’t found your fabrics at a local Denver store yet. So in the meantime i think i will have to purchase some from an online retailer–i desperately NEED lots of your fabrics…love it, love it! .But i’m wondering if you will have yardage to purchase at Silver Bella?

  5. sheree says:

    What a beautiful nursery. That pink/brown colorway was my favorite from your Girlfriends line. Well, I love the pink/blue/white too. I just got in some Mod Girls and cannot wait to cut into them. 🙂

  6. clarice says:

    Wow, what a adorable nursery and your fabrics look great. It must be so thrilling for you, to see how your fabrics are used. Fun, fun Clarice

  7. This fabric looks adorable as baby bedding! What a lovely advertisment for you is that nursery!!!

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