My First Job

My sister called and wanted something for a baby shower but no time to send anything to Atlanta…and then an aha moment…She told me her colors and I said I’ll make something you can make in all different sizes…for favors, place settings, hanging from the ceiling by ribbons…So I made her two to decide from…they don’t know the baby’s sex…let me tell you photoshop 101 can produce some nice things…so don’t quit, It’s worth hanging in there…Heltoninvite

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  1. looking good!!! So so cool!! Sooo excited for you!! Just think of what you will be doing 6 months from now!! My goodness!! Stationary line? hmmm…sounds gooood!!!
    xoxo Jenny

  2. meghan says:

    How funny- I jsut logged into to comment on these designs, not knowing Jen had blogged about’em. My 8 year old daughter, my best friend and I have been running around for 2 hours (it is 8:15 in the morning right now) preparing for this shower. Then, in the last 20 minutes we sat down to add glitter to these designs. How centering and magical this activity has been! We are giggling and enjoying ourselves. My friend Lisa was saying that she had read your comments on the impact of glitter. And we have to add how magical and how it illicits childlike wonder in us to decorate these designs, The very best of being a girl. It is magic dust. Thanks Jen for these beautiful designs as our inspiration and another platform to be together and enjoy each other as women. You are a great sister to everyone but the very best to ME!

  3. Jessica in GA says:

    Just checking in, and I love these! Especially the first with the cocoa and pink! I love the cocoas with another bold color…
    Today, I’ve spent most of my time in between kids’ sports activities recovering patio cushions in Girlfriends’ Molly, cocoa & pink, very similar to the first design. Next, I’m trying to find something to waterproof, or at least weatherize the cushions in some way, in case I forget to leave them out with the rain. 🙂 I know it’s silly, but I didn’t like any other sunbrella or weather-resistant fabrics for my garden set. 🙂 I figure if I have to recover in a year it’s all worth it and still cheaper than buying a whole new set at the local lawn & garden. And so much prettier! A couple of hours of work and a few seasons of gorgeousness!! If anyone has any ideas on waterproofing, I’m game!
    Jennifer, you are awesome!

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