The Best News

My friend Cari is teaching me how to do a typelist so I will be able to add all my new fun pals to my Blog
please forgive me that it has taken soooo long!!! So please bear with me! Be sure to take a look at Cari’s goods in her Etsy shop and my friend Jenny has wonderful things for Valentines Day!!! Look what I got for my daughter shhhhhh it’s a secret!!0a_1jpg

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  1. clarice says:

    Isn’t it fun when you conquer one new type pad thing !! Clarice

  2. Oh, please add me to your blog roll! I’d love to be your pal. I’m working on my blog list too, and you’ll be on it for sure!

  3. Just founf your blog while browsing blogland! I love your fabrics and your whole art is so inspirational. I’ll keep coming back often! 🙂

  4. Ups! sorry about the ‘found’ mispelling above!

  5. Yay!! Cannot wait to see your list!! Hoping you have some new places for me to visit!!
    Aren’t you so excited about all of the new additions to your world? So cool huh?
    Love ya!!!
    xoxo Jenny
    Ps…You are such a doll..thank you so so much for mentioning us!! So honored to be a part of your Valentine’s day!! : )

  6. cari says:

    Well, how’s the Typepad lesson going? Did it help? Let me know if you need more info and we’ll do it together!!!
    Love those Valentine pennants, my Gosh those are gorgeous!!!!! I want to buy one, for sure, for sure!!!!!

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