Featured in our Fun, Free, Fabulous newsletter this morning (Don’t get it? Sign up HERE – It will take 2 seconds!), is this awesome, Schoolyard Valentine Bouquet!!!

Made by Jennifer with tons of love, this adorable bouquet says, “I LOVE YOU” the old school way. I’ts super sweet, a tad flirty, and bursting with color!!! See tutorial below & make your very own! Have fun!

  1. Download the PDF Schoolyard Valentine Collage (simply by clicking on the image above)
  2. Print out about 4 sheets on a thick card stock
  3. Use a 2″ heart punch to punch out your heart ‘flowers’
  4. Glue hearts back to back on wire stem
  5. Bend the wire to make it look like a bouquet, shape as desired
  6. Add a filigree as the focal point of your bouquet!! (buttons, pom-poms & marbles are just a few ideas!)