Long and Lovely

leave it to the wonderful Marie Madeline Studio to come up with a long, graceful, adorable skirt pattern. I can't believe how beautiful it looks in Poodle!

Can't you just see your special little girl running through an open field, with a huge smile on her face, sporting one of these sweeping skirts?! I know I can.

Check out this adorable pattern cover. I love how the look is topped off with a simple white tee, and a fresh, big bow around the waist. 


Emerson skirts pattern front

Keep scrollin' for more adorable looks with this skirt in Poodle! Gotta LOVE it! So fresh and So happy. And to answer your next question- No… it does not get cuter than this. Check out more photos from the photo shoot here!

Emerson and Darison 079

Emerson and Darison 060

Emerson and Darison 033

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