Long and Lovely

leave it to the wonderful Marie Madeline Studio to come up with a long, graceful, adorable skirt pattern. I can't believe how beautiful it looks in Poodle!

Can't you just see your special little girl running through an open field, with a huge smile on her face, sporting one of these sweeping skirts?! I know I can.

Check out this adorable pattern cover. I love how the look is topped off with a simple white tee, and a fresh, big bow around the waist. 


Emerson skirts pattern front

Keep scrollin' for more adorable looks with this skirt in Poodle! Gotta LOVE it! So fresh and So happy. And to answer your next question- No… it does not get cuter than this. Check out more photos from the photo shoot here!

Emerson and Darison 079

Emerson and Darison 060

Emerson and Darison 033

12 Responses to “Long and Lovely”

  1. Tatania says:

    They look gorgeous. Its nice to see long skirts for girls.

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    These are so sweet. I have been chomping at the bit to get these fabrics every since I saw the pics. What a great way to feature Poodle! I love the Long Ladies! They are just so precious.

  3. I always love the Long ladies posts, patterns, everything, and with the poodle, just yummy!!

  4. Monique says:

    I always love their patterns~ and in your fabric~ a great match!!

  5. Melissa P says:

    Everyday play skirts are the best! Fancy is nice too, but skirts like these, in Poodle nonetheless, will get loved/worn to death.

  6. Jona says:

    Those are so beautiful and lady-like. My 3 girls love Marie Madeline’s stuff (and it’s even prettier in Poodle)!

  7. Beautiful skirts! My little girl would flip over the pink pedal tractor. Her’s is green and she would love it!

  8. Erika says:

    Jennifer, not sure if you know that your Flower Power (chocolate loopy vintage flower) is used for a pattern I spied today on simplicity! Super cute.
    And thanks a million for creating such awesome fabric. I took several pieces to show this morning and the ladies LOVED the colors and quality of the fabrics. I made a few sales and I know it had so much to do with such incredible fabric:) My hubby and I are going to Market in October so I can pick fabrics–hope to see your gorgeous smile!

  9. Allie says:

    Those are beautiful – I love long skirts on little girls, and big girls too! They’re so graceful and of course, Poodle makes them stunning!

  10. Terriaw says:

    Very lovely! What a great style with these longer skirts!

  11. Cathy says:

    Really cute skirts and sashes!!! Love the Poodle!

  12. Kim D. says:

    Love the longer skirts in your gorgeous gorgeous poodle fabrics. What a nice change from the mini skirts and shorts.

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