Our very own Cathy!!!!

Way to go girl!!!  She is one of the masterminds behind everything Sis Boom and Scientific seamstress…for ease lets call her the motor !!! and she can now add Quilter to her resume. Cathy this is so amazing and with a scalloped edge too?????  Look at you go.  Thanks Cathy for all the little things you do for us we so appreciate it!!  This will so inspire the beginner quilter!!!


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  1. Tom says:

    Didn’t she do and amazing job! I love it so much!
    This is truly her very first quilt, and she took on a doozy of a scalloped border to boot!

  2. kate spain says:

    hey earlybird, this is beautiful!! that Cathy is something else. i’m swooning over that scalloped edge! xok

  3. kate spain says:

    wait a minute..this is cathy’s FIRST QUILT? Oh goodness..AMAZING!! i’ll be heading back under my quilting rock. lol

  4. mtroy@att.net says:

    Kate, YES it is her FIRST quilt!! Not only is she and amazing seamstress and quilter but she is an amazing person!
    Cathy you did a beautiful job!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Rachael says:

    Go Cathy!!! That is one gorgeous quilt!!! Hard to believe it’s a first!! I’ve made a few now and am still not brave enough to do scallop edges. Look forward to seeing more quilts from Cathy!

  6. Terriaw says:

    Gasp! This is so gorgeous! I love the striped sashing and that scalloped edging is just perfect. This quilt looks like it’s glowing in the grass!

  7. Cathy says:

    Wow wow! Thank you all soooo much!!! I couldn’t have done it without all of you! Jen your fabric sets my world alive with your beautiful colors and patterns! Tom really helped me with the border and binding and my endless questions!! Carla, Marlo, Shannon and so many others cheered me along!! It was truly a group project!!! Thank you to everyone!!!! My bedroom is much much cheerier now!

  8. Melissa P says:

    Amazing first quilt! Inspiration in abundance–even without the scalloped the border it would be stunning. Great job, Cathy!

  9. Jenny Fish says:

    Somewhere along the line I missed that this was your FIRST Cathy!!! Scalloped edges! Wow girl! You did a beautiful job! And Jennifer’s colors really do brighten up our world. Love them!

  10. Monique says:

    Congrats Cathy on an amazing first quilt!! I’ve always wanted to do a scalloped edge. So pretty!!

  11. naomig says:

    That is BEEEEUUUUTEEEEFULLLL! So inspiring. I love how blue it is. I’ve come to love that shade of blue with a deeeeep passion thanks to Sis Boom. 🙂 Awesome job! Someday I shall quilt like that.

  12. cjvandaff@comcast.net says:

    Fab! Graphically wonderful – great job – very inspiring

  13. Kim D. says:

    Gorgeous Quilt!! Great job Cathy!! Thanks for sharing this beauty Jennifer. Love the scalloped border.

  14. Allie says:

    First quilt? FIRST QUILT??? My goodness she has quite the future ahead of her in quilting – this is amazing!!!

  15. Carol says:

    Your quilt is incredibly beautiful with those colors. The scalloped border is so perfect. What an amazing job for your first quilt! I want to make one. What is the pattern? Thank you for sharing it.

  16. Shannon says:

    it is so beautiful! Go, Cathy, Go!

  17. Firefly Hill says:

    It is just gorgeous! Way to go Cathy! I was fortunate to meet Cathy at your show a year ago June and we have been blogging ever since. She is a sweetheart!

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