You’ll love this!!!!

My friend Marnie over at MRR design makes these by the thousands and sells them to boutiques most likely in your area.  She does all the designers great fabrics as well as denim and other solids. They are a great gift and I love giving them away..Remember Mothers Day  Sunday May 9th 2010 will be around the corner soon. They look like little presents before you even put the picture in.  There is a design for everyone in the family and she even personalizes!!! The perfect gift for mom. Tell her I sent you she'll be glad you stopped by. oh and by the way Jona at Fabritopia has got So St. Croix love that girl and I also got a shout out for Sew Fun on Etsy!!

also sew love on etsy..we got you covered

show us what you are working on..


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  1. Carla says:

    LOVE!!!! What a great way to showcase fun pics!

  2. Oh those are super cute!!!

  3. naomig says:

    Wow, what a neat idea! Love them!

  4. Terriaw says:

    You’re right, I do love them! So cool and easy to switch out the pictures as you take new shots.

  5. Melissa P says:

    Cute! And they’re even the right size to fit into an Easter basket. Who needs colored eggs? The Sis Boom goodie basket would last so much longer. (Already paid Jona a visit this morning, coincidentally!)

  6. They are marvelous! Love pictures and touches of color all over the house.

  7. cathy says:

    Hi Jennifer – how are you – I was so flattered to see that you have a new line of fabric named after me LOL LOL ; ) Thank you for comments on my doodle art!!! I think some of these would make great fabric designs – what do you think. BTW – did you see me in Somerset’s Artful Blogging – yes yes I am being very modest but am so so excited about it!!! Tlak soon

  8. jenny fish says:

    Those are so beautiful! Great gift idea!!

  9. They are a very sweet gift indeed. People are doing amazing things with your fabric. Blessings,
    Bobbie Lynn

  10. marnie says:

    hi jennifer – i just discovered your wonderful post – thanks for the pop – so exciting to see the frames out there on wwweb! So St Croix will look so good made up in frames

  11. Cool, it must be such a high to see all the ways your fabric is used xoxox Clarice

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