Raffle at CraftSanity

This is so wild, technology is moving so fast and I'm trying to keep up even twittering these days..but for those of you that know me on facebook I throw beads and pillows and think that I am on the cutting edge of social networking.   Oh you haven't gotten beads or pillows thrown at you …facebook me and let the fun begin.  So the other day Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of Craft Sanity calls for an interview and  I just act like I do podcasts everyday !  So if you have the time take a listen to my jabber…..way too much about me..but if your bored and looking around for things to do and I guess are out of beads on facebook then please stop in.  Jennifer is amazing at her work and her blog highlights designers and crafters all the time..she even does a local craft TV
program.  Love this girl and she is truly a professional. Her blog is quite addictive!  We joined forces and are raffling some fatquarters of Flower Power over on her blog !  Oh and by the way Jona at Fabritopia and Ruth Jakiela from Sew love fabrics who took this gorgeous photo an Etsy seller are the first to get their orders so contact them ASAP!


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